Saturday, September 18, 2010

This blog is officially dead. Farewell.

I started blogging back when blogging was a new 'it' thing. I think it was somewhere in 2003 or 04. I deleted my blog once, only to come back again. I used it as a place to just rant, rave and post about the songs I liked. A large part of it were rap lyrics.

From a very young age, I was addicted to the spoken word. English was not my native tongue, but I spoke and wrote enough to be able to survive. Sometimes, they say your gift is a curse. Hip hop music, rhyming, writing raps and recording music led me into the music world where I kind of got lost. There were not many rappers in my hometown. Even lesser where the western music enthusiasts. Don't get me wrong, Indi-rock or just Rock n Roll was just becoming commercial. Chennai had a deep underground movement which was manifesting into a big juggernaut with the advent of the internet.

With this in mind, I quit making music and anything even semi-pro. You can get the kid out of hip-hop but you can't get the hip-hop out of the kid. I was still a big fan, avid listener. That still remains in-tact. When I used to search for various rap lyrics of the different tamil songs which featured rappers, I was left with googling. Many times, I posted the lyrics after decoding them myself so that I can go back to them. According to the Google Analytics, my blog is still pretty popular for people who want to read these lyrics. 80% of my traffic comes from search engines. None of this was intended.

My other love in life, technology was growing faster than anything else that can grow. I become a techie, an IT worker among the millions of other Computer Science Engineers in India. The web still continues to fascinate me. Web development is my life now. There comes a moment in life when you have to let go of things. I've lost many things in life. Money, loved ones and interest in various facets of lifestyle. I guess it is time to take out all the skeletons in this blog and bury them once and for all.

I started this blog as a confused teenager. Then it became the angry young adult who didn't think before acting. Music was my outlet. Rap was my medicine. It still continues to be. However, with the changes in privacy, technology and the digging people do to unearth facts about you, I have lost faith in continuing this blog anymore. That does not mean I will not continue blogging. There will never be complete anonymity in the internet. 

Given that, and that I don't think I have a great person readership or anything like that, I plan to put this blog to rest. I will not delete it, as anybody can still get it from web archives. It will remain in the annals of web history, that there was once this blog. Or until Google deletes it or Google shuts down (rather impossible). I know I've done this before. Leaving the stage to only come back and entertain. But this time, its for real.

So, adieu my friends, readers, spammers and countless people who have been part of this blog's journey. 

P.S: I will be moving to blogging at some other place. Possibly my own website. Who knows what the future holds in store? I'll edit this post with a link when I launch my next venture. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

B,o.B Striking it Big!

Recently, I've seen the ascent of the next superstar of rap & hip hop music. You can always say that an artist has struck gold when you see covers of the song being performed by people world over. The next big thing is 'B.o.B a.k.a Bobby Ray'. The Adventures of Bobby Ray hits stores on April 27th, 2010. The first single was 'Nothin' on you' which is at #2 on Billboard Hot 100. However, the song that caught my eye was Airplanes (Part 1) by B.o.B ft Hayley Williams of Paramore. This song is amazing. 

It is artsy, folksy and one of those dream songs you want to keep playing over and over on loop for the sheer artistic sense of the music and lyrics. This post is basically to highlight the song and some of its covers.

Original Song:

Different Covers:

I'm just waiting for Airplanes (Part 2) which features Eminem. Until then, the covers of this song is going to keep me searching youtube for more!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Masala Dosa Vs er... Tourism? Part 2

Right. So, Chennai did well to get 246/5. Rajasthan are chasing 247. Highly improbably, but with Yusuf Pathan, nothing is impossible. If they do chase it, Its going to be close to 500 runs in 40 overs. I hope they don't.

Shane Warne to all of his players : "We're all about making history aren't we?". The look on the players faces said it all. Demoralised to their core.

Be right back after a break when RR chase.

5:20 AM Pacific Standard Time: Albie Morkel starts. Amazing strength this guy has to come out and open the bowling after that hitting. Lost my stream yet again. Sigh.

5:25 AM: Got back the stream. Bollinger looks interesting. 14/0 in 1.3 now. He's bowling great! 1 run in the 2nd over. 15/0 in 2 overs. I'm going to take it a little easy on the live blogging. It is really tiring. Meanwhile, I salute the ball-by-ball commentators of Cricinfo. Now I know how hard their job is, to include mundane commentary every second.

5:32 AM: Sudeep Tyagi. Oh noes! Hope he doesn't leak runs. He's bouncing them up. Nice. Rajasthan's asking rate keeps creeping up. 23/0 in 3 overs. They're trying to cut loose but the bowling is tight, mostly.

5:35 AM: Bollinger is the best thing to happen to the CSK bowling department.

5:40 AM: Raina almost hangs onto one. Tyagi back into the attack. Screw the Miss Universe, get back the cricket! Six by Naman Ojha. 40/0 in the 5th over. Tyagi doesn't look like he's ready for the big time. His short ones are great. Six to end the over. 47/0 after 5 overs. Pretty much similar to the 50/0 in 5 for Chennai

5:45 AM: Albie comes back. First ball off for four. Looking even right now. The UMPIRE is commentating. SMH. Does Rudy Koertzen have a jamaican accent? Lol. 62/0 in 6 overs. This is looking close if they go at this rate!

5:50 AM: "The Spin Demon" Murali is introduced. God please help the other Murali too. Amazing over. 6 of the over. 68/0 in 7.

5:53 AM: Dhoni is finish Morkel and Tyagi off soon I think. He wants them to finish their quota and get out. Interesting strategy. LUMB GOES. First wicket down for Royals. YESS. Albie gets his man.

5:55 AM: 6 for Ojha. Pathan comes in. Pathan is having a go at everything. I hope he does something stupid, which he generally doesn't. Doug Bollinger takes it!!!


5:56 AM: 80/2. Pathan takes the long walk back. That begins the inevitable slide of the rest according to me. What a great start to my morning :) Aathichudi is playing on the turntables.

6:00 AM:  Ojha is turning it on. Keeping the run rate ticking. Badri drops it.. Arrghh.. Shadab Jakati is doing a great job. 90/2 in 9 overs. Will the Royals be able to hold on to make it a close match?

6:06 AM:  Morkel is back. RR is milking singles now. Don't know how much that will help them. Get the sixes out already. Give the Chennai makkal some entertainment! P.S: Monk might have exhausted them out! 142 required from 60 balls. 105/2 in 10 overs. They're still doing 10 an over. One or two more wickets and they're gone.

6:10 AM: 6 more to Ojha. Are they inching closer? Oh noes! 50 up for Ojha. Well played young man. 114/2 in 11 overs.

6:13 AM: I'm losing the live stream again. Hope I don't miss anything big. Back. 124/2 in 12. They're getting closer.

6:18 AM: Jakati continues. Rajasthan are hitting sixes all over. I am contemplating if I should stop watching now. Hmmmmm.. 110 to win in 45 balls. BRING BACK BOLLINGER OR MURALI! 143/2 in 13 overs. This is outrageous. Dhoni, come on. Do something.

6:23 AM: Dang. Tyagi comes back. He's a run giving machine. Sigh. He does bounce them well though. Dropped by Anirudha Srikanth. Shane Watson lives. 152/2 in 14. 95 to win of 36 balls. Getting tighter and tighter.

6:26 AM: Murali comes back. Looks like another catch but its a tough one.Watson is swatting it out of the ground. SIX! SIX again. Watson gets 50 off 21 balls.Oh noes, Rajasthan is running away with it. Watson is blasting it around. 175/2. 72 required of 30 balls. The Royals look threatening now. Bollinger, please save CSK.

Tamil Ad on Set MAX. Woo Hoo.

6:32 AM: Doug Bollinger comes. He STRIKES!! Dougie Bollinger does it for Chennai! Shane Watson out for 60. This was planned by Dhoni I think. Dougie Bollinger has changed this game yet again. Too bad that he won't get the MoM if Chennai win. The crowd in Chennai is chanting Bollinger. Look at the power of the IPL. Yesterday, unknown in Chennai. Today, a hero. 183/3 from 16 overs. Time out called.

6:39 AM: 64 needed from 24 balls. If Chennai lose it from here, shame on them.Raina is bowling. Raina? WTH?? Oh yeah, he stops at the crease. My bad. This is a good move by Dhoni. He's a clever bowler. 9 of the over. 192/3! Need 53 from 18 balls. Closer and closer.

6:43 AM: Is Dhoni behind on his over rate? They're taking some time now to finish overs. MURALI STRIKES. Anirudha takes another catch. 192/4. Fazal goes. SIX next ball. Boy, its a roller coaster ride.SIX again off the 2nd last ball.208/4. They need 39 runs in 12 balls. Possible? Maybe.

6:49 AM: Bollinger to bowl the 19th. Great move. Will this over seal it? Raina takes it. WICKET GOES DOWN! Bollinger strikes again. 210/5. They need 37 runs in 9 balls. Tough. Incredibly tough. 212/5 at the end of 19th. Right. 6 balls, 35 runs to win. Very tough.

6:55 AM: Yay. Last over. Tyagi to bowl the last over. YIKES! 31 required of 5 balls. 4 more to Ojha. 27 off 4 balls now.Up in the air, put down by Hayden. 26 needed off 3.Dot ball. Yup. 26 off 2 balls now. CSK going to win! Single. 25 to win off 1 ball. Done.

CSK win it folks. What a game it was. Brilliant. Dhoni made his moves perfectly and they all paid off. A well deserved win for Chennai attributed to Bollinger and Vijay mainly.

I've enjoyed live-blogging, although it is physically demanding. Maybe I might do it for games which I am not really engrossed in watching it. Alright guys, I'm signing out. Going to hit the bed finally. See ya some other day.

Masala Dosa Vs er... Tourism?

3:20 AM Pacific Standard Time: Its crunch time for Chennai Super Kings (no, not much time!). This is my first attempt at live-blogging an IPL match. Be kind.

Background: I'm a big CSK supporter. Every match I've watched in IPL3, they've ended up making a mess of it. I am defying logic, the gods, and every one out there who says "Don't watch!!!". Since I am in a precarious position of not being able to watch it on Youtube, I googled for a site showing a live stream. I ended up with something called WebCric which is streaming it. I don't know how they do it, but I found it through Google. So, if you plan to rabble about it, you know who the source is.

Right. CSK is batting. Here it goes. The do or die match for Chennai. The big showdown between Masala Dosas, Idlis, Vadas and Sambhar Vs Tourism, Palaces and Deserts (I have no clue what food is famous here, so I'm substituting it with whatever I know)

Match starts at 3:30 AM PST.

3:23 AM: The crowd is going wild for Dhoni! Plenty of runs expected. Mike Haysman is one of the commentators I tolerate, the best in the IPL. No B.S, he gives it out straight! Its hot in Chennai. Yeah, what did you expect? Snow?

3:26 AM: Footage of Dhoni winning toss. Yeah yeah, old news. CSK is batting. Oh noes! Gony is playing. Bad move. Anirudha Srikkanth is playing. Outta boy Anirudh(a). Make Chikka mama proud! Homeground too.
3:27 AM: Why do commentators always mess up Murali's name? Bollinger is playing for CSK. Hope he doesn't have a jetlag.

3:31 AM: 41.7 degrees Celsius. Oh my! Vijay starts it off for CSK. 6/0 I'll probably post after every over I think.

3:33 AM: Devuda Devuda from Chandramukhi. Nice! 8/0 after the first over. Arre arre arre...They really need that song!

3:37 AM: Vijay's cutting loose. 6!! Did you know M.Vijay's nickname is Monk? Apparently, it had something to do with a certain brand of rum ;) Of course, the PC version of it is that he's calm like a monk. On the other hand, I think Karbonn might be the most hated mobile company in India. The ads in the middle of the over with Viru and Gambhir are annoying!

3:41 AM: I got disconnected from the live stream. SMH. 3 overs 31/0. Vijay seems to have decided to have a makeover. Adungada from Pokkiri now. Maybe that is what is making M.Vijay hit. Vijay songs for Vijay!

3:48 AM: Hayden gets into the act now. Its 4 overs gone. 37/0.

3:49 AM: Lost my stream again. Oh well, refreshing the page 10 times. Keeping my fingers crossed.

3:50 AM: Got it back. Hayden is cutting loose now. Fireworks in Chennai. 50/0 in 5 overs.

3:57 AM: Srikanth WAGH. Anything to with the Waugh brothers? Hayden is thumping it around. 3 fours in a row! And Hayden goes.. Lazy shot, straight to mid-off. CSK is 62/1 in 5.5 overs. Right. Raina is in now.

3:59 AM: 66/1 in 6 overs. What is it with the Crop signs around the Chepauk ground? Is Shyamamamalan consulting for the groundsmen? Time out called by the Royals.

4:05 AM: Top-edge from Vijay flew over slip. Phew. That raced for 4..Overthrows galore! Raina joins in the act. Our Guest Commenator Harish chimes in "Over 6.2 : Idea batting by Vijay!!". Indeed sir, indeed. Somebody get me an mp3 of the trumpet. Why does the crowd go wild when it goes off? 771 in 7 overs. Nice start.

4:09 AM: 82/1 in 8 overs. Pretty silent over from Watson. Machan Peru Madurae!! playing now on the Chennai's DJ playlist. Whoever he is, may he get an Arjuna award for Music in Sports.

4:14 AM: Shane Warne comes in and deceives Raina into giving away his wicket. SMH. 83/2 in 8.3. I'm putting earplugs on now. Huggge spin for Warne. 3 byes. Murali must be smiling. 89/2 in 9 overs! Yae Aaatha Aathorama now on the DJ's list. Hahahaha. He's recycling the same songs every match!

4:18 AM: Not cool. Shane Watson hits Albie Morkel in the butt with a ball. I never thought I'd type that sentence in a cricket match. JuneJuneWalah is a deceptive bowler. Interesting. 91/2 in 10 overs. Lost my live stream again.

4:21 AM: Got it back.97/2 in 11 overs. They seem to be consolidating now. Or just struggling. Glass is half emtpy or half full remember?

4:24 AM: Horrible overthrow! Sweaty palms my foot. Now that's a sentence I never thought I'd type. Morkel just hit a Korukkupet Maximum. Screw DLF, I'm gonna advertise my hometown. 113/2 in 12 overs.

Live blogging is a pain. Now I know how Cricinfo, Cricbuzz guys must be feeling to keep their visitors updated. Typing in real-time is hard!

4:28 AM: Shane Warne gets hit for a Chormepet maximum. Different stand you see.Murali Vijay is giving Shane Warne the Sachin treatment. 50 for Monk. Outta boy Vijay! Morkel is dropped. 129/2 in 13 overs. Approximately 10 per over. Warne is scratching his head.

4:32 AM: Vijay soldiers on with some textbook cricket shots. Saidapet maximum!! HUGGE six. Morkel is cutting loose too.Yusuf Pathan must've done something wrong yesterday. They're giving him a taste of his own medicine.151/2 in 14 overs. 50 runs in the last 15 balls. Amazing.

4:38 AM: Tait in. Four again. Runs are flowing like Sambhar here. 6 towards Besant Nagar. Old Monk is hitting it 'high' here! Vijay's hit yet another six. He's on fire. Shaun Tait is under tremendous pressure. 169/2 in 15 overs. Strategic time out again. "We will rock you" in the Chennai DJ's list. Probably the only English song the front-benchers of Chepauk know. Or am I wrong?

4:42 AM: Lost my stream again. Trying to switch to an alternate link. Got it back now. M.Vijay's really taking them to the cleaners. SIX! Mike Haysman : Johanas Albertus Morkel. He's hit a SIX too! 100 partnership. Its raining Sixes folks. 6 1 6 1 6 6 reads like a phone number. 26 runs of 16th over. 196/2 CSK.

Maybe me watching the match and live blogging changed mine and CSK's luck. There is still a half match left, so I should hold on to my mouth. Touching wood now.

4:50AM: Albie gets a 50. Warnie is back into the attack. Vijay on 96. Goes onto 97. Warne messes up a runout chance. Monk breathes to keep his chances alive of a 100. Morkel hits it for a 4. Chennai crosses 200. SIX!!! 208/2 in 17 overs. This is turning out to be awesome!


4:55 AM: Vijay gets his 100! What an innings! Askalakadi gala gala gala. Ooh aah ooh aah. Morkel is DROPPED. Sky high catch chance. Put down. Monk goes for it again. 18 from it. 226/2 in 18 overs. 12 MORE BALLS TO GO!! Woo hoo!

Naaka Mukka atlast.. This is eternal bliss for the crowd at this moment.

5:01 AM: Ads in the middle of the over = annoying! Nothing is going right for the Royals. 235/2 in 19 overs. This is a turning out mamoth total! Vijay still there on 120!

Yemmadi aathadi!! Yayy.. Bring TR on I say!

5:07 AM: Morkel goes for a great knock. Both of them are looking tired. Excellent knock. Enga thala Dhoni is the new man in.Vijay's hit a SIX I think. Vijay goes for 127. Greatest knock in IPL ever. Dhoni goes for nought. Will Watson get a hat-trick? Its 241/5. One more ball to go. WIDE! FOUR. 246/5 in 20 overs. Amazing!

The story of the match has been one man supported by another. Murali Vijay is a hero in Chennai, the man called 'Monk' has just proved why he's got that nickname. Morkel played a superb knock too. I'm going to take a break and be back with the live blog of the Rajasthan innings.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rhymes Without Reason - Part 1

Sanjay a.k.a 'SunRun' was sitting in his room blasting hip hop music on his 1600w system. It was cold Saturday morning for Chennai. Valentine's day was approaching with no luck in his pursuit of cupid's arrows, let alone lady love. He thought of making it big rhyming words like 'here' with 'beer'. "Rap is always misundersood in India. If only I could prove them wrong!" was a constant thought that kept hitting him. The dust laden wind was sneaking into his room through the open window. Sanjay was lost in his music that neither the dust nor cold breeze unnerved him. By the afternoon, he had had his meal of sambar rice and Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP album. Things were starting to get busy for the Saturday evening.

Monday, March 08, 2010

CyHi Da Prynce!

Lately, I've been listening to this new artist CyHi Da Prynce, who I think is the next big thing after a co-sign by Kanye West. Just thought I'd embed the song Sweet Georgia & I wish (Remix) by Yelawolf. CyHi Da Prynce kills it in both the songs. Sweet Georgia has been on a repeat loop in my iTunes.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

#nithyananda - God or Fraud?

I maybe the 10 millionth person probably posting about this muck. I know, this message would get drowned out in the lynch mob that is after the now famous-for-wrong-reasons sex-scandal godman. I remember seeing this guy way back in 2002, maybe 2003. He was buying private airtime on a couple of channels to spread his spiritual message. As always with money, power and fame, came the adoration or gifting of several 'luxuries'.  This mostly included a huge devotee following, loads of money, lots of free land as gift and of course the category 'Other'. This category deals with everything under the sun, including sexual favors. In this case, I'd fault the woman in question too, the Indian (more Aryan-Persian, but Dravidian too in terms of culture of origin) way of blaming the woman and condemning her while basically doing a character assassination of everyone involved. 

Why is in the human mentality (I was about to type Indian, but was reminded of Tiger Woods) to meddle with people's sex lives? That's a psychology topic I wouldn't touch with 10 feet pole. I'm not a social reformer nor a great opinion maker. I read about stuff and try to share some interesting stuff with you guys out there in the blogosphere.

"So, what interesting thing is it?", you may ask. My answer is 'Leave me alone'. I don't want to be part of a judgemental self-righteous cult that wants to take out another cult. I see videos of youngsters beating this Nithyananda's ashram to pulp, burning his effigies. Most of them trying to get rid of their worries in life, their frustrations, creating somewhat of a Rosarch Test of their being pissed off with the struggles of life while this guy claims he is god and has escapades with movie actresses. "How dare he? While I sit here and try to follow the righteous path of hiding all my 'bad' secrets, he goes from zero-to-hero-to-zero." Who wouldn't want their name trending on twitter (any publicity is good publicity). The fraud that he may or may not be, the media trial has started and ended. He has attained mortality and pretty much has his eulogy written by the media through the sting operation. In 3 days, I've grown tired of reading all the news about him and his evil deeds. Can I get some other news, oh Indian news channels?

This situation also gives credence to the skeptics out there. I see a Dravidian Movement 2.0 that could culminate with pretty much no godman left with an ounce of respect. The interesting thing is pretty much his entire spiritual life / career is now ashes due the fact of his 'sins'. The memories of Indian society maybe short-term in politics, but in stuff like sex scandals, rumors, mass hysteria they tend to live on for generations. I don't think the video is tampered with, as the godman's ashram folks suggest. Their lines of graphics-doctored-backstabbing falls flat. However, I do believe its part of conspiracy due to the swami's land grabbing tactics. Years of work in building reputations can go down within seconds. That is precisely what is happening right now.

Oh, the comic fodder this gives rise to. Nithyananda was a trending topic of twitter, woo-hoo. I bet many youngsters are prowling the intertubes to spread the hate on him whilst propagating the awful videos around. I bet many are trying to get their hands on the full version rather than the 'lite' one. That's the thing about viral video, it doesn't stay a 'secret' for long. Its the first viral news I've seen by a Tamil TV channel. I bet 'Sun TV' has become the new 'Aaj Tak', the sensationalist always wins (the only thing that came close was when MK was arrested). What about the actress in the video? She's pretty much doomed to live the rest of her life hanging her head in shame or taking the easy way out and settling abroad (DPS anyone?).

In the end, I'll finish with the title of this post. God or Fraud? 
I don't know, I don't care. Leave me alone, internets. Bah!!

P.S: The cult reaction to the cult reminded me of this great South Park clip.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kuruvi - Happy New Year Lyrics - Yogi B, MC Jesz, Dr.Burn Ft Sunidhi Chauhan

I've been wanting to post these lyrics for a long time. As you can see, I'm quite a fan of hip hop and rap, especially when fused with tamil mainstream music. Throughout this blog, you'll find tons of tamil song rap lyrics. I won't waste much time shameless plugging my blog. My guess is you got here from Google, so welcome.

This is one of the best hip hop kuthu tracks of all time. Yuvan Shankar Raja needs like multiple platinum plaques for all that he has done for rap in tamil music. That said, Yogi B & Natchatra comprising of Dr.Burn and MC Jesz are already legends of tamil rap/hip hop. This is a feel good song about the time Trisha tries finding out who Vijay really is. It was pretty hot video, but the rappers kinda were depicted clowning around. I don't know what this to their cred, but listening to this song on repeat doesn't tire you.This song's lyrics has been sitting for a long time on my hard disk. I'd like to get rid of it and put it up on the blog so that I can always visit it often without having to open up Word again!

Without much delay, I bring you the lyrics to the song Happy New Year from the movie Kuruvi. I reserve some rights to publish this version of the lyrics, as it took some hard work decoding the rap. I won't say I'm spot on, but I've done my best. Judging by the Google results I got for the lyrics of this song, this blog will be first to be putting it up to my knowledge. I saw an incomplete version over here, that was the closest I got.  This could also be close, but he's got the parts of the rap wrong. So, the swag-jackers and the haters better watch before they bootleg it from here. Creative commons big brother is watching you.

Kuruvi - Happy New Year - Yogi B, MC Jesz, Dr.Burn Ft Sunidhi Chauhan

Yogi B : Are y'all ready for the countdown?
Mc Jesz : Ladies and gentleman
Dr.Burn : Playas and hustlers

5 4 3 2 1
Happy New Year

Sunidhi Chauhan:

Intro :(Yogi B & Dr.Burn)
Denga Denga La charita si
gade sdicha ganya dicha risini
Mukanya chomey padanya degga
swada-danmata nya di hati

Yogi B:
Avan thedi thedi alayaran oorukulle
Desperado girl hunting her maappilai
Rendu kangalai mattum nee parthu puttae
Nadai paar vedikkai vadivael annae

Ey vaa ey vaaa ey vaa ey vaaaaaa

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Thanaane thandaa naane thandaa naane thandaanaa
Thanane thandaa naane thanaa naane thanne naaaa

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Ketta payyan ketta payyan (MC Jesz: Who dere??)
Gun nu polae vantha payyan (oh no)
Yen manasa suttu puttaan
U know u know u know u knowwww
Romba romba ketta payyan (MC Jesz: Hustler)
Round adikka vitta payyan (MC Jesz: Rudeboy)
Kandipidi yenga irrukaan
U know u know u knowwww

MC Jesz:
Yea yeah unghhh (Yogi B: blaaawww)
Thala sutthi okka thabba thatton thatoon
Athu kanavula dhane vanthu muttoon muttoon
Rudeboy yedhakku ithu puthaandu
Vaa gully gully ma solla gaana paatu
Ava kangala paathaen korala kettan
Asathi vecha un manasa thechava
Singakutty suttha thanga katti
Solla poanaa ilaya thalapathy yearrghh

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Thanaane thandaa naane thandaa naane thandaanaa
Thanane thandaa naane thanaa naane thanne naaaa

Yogi B:
Pretty gal searching for her boy killa killa crazzy
Will she ever find? We will never know, love ain't so easy

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Andakka kasam kasam abukka hukum hukum
Manthiratha potta party
U know u know u know u knowwwww
Seasame thorakka villa
Singam kadaikavilla (Yogi B: yo yo arghhh)
Yaar avan yenge irrukkan
U know u know u knowwwww

Thamizh pennae nee thaikka panjum sutthum
Kuruvi kotthum aruvi patta poochi pola parakkum
Atha nenachu jodi kedachae kanalkattiko vaikasi
Vedi vedicha sivakasi tirupaachi
Theeradha vilayattu pillai avan- adum kannampoochi
Thangamme thangam thangamme thangam kelae kelu

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Thanaane thandaa naane thandaa naane thandaanaa
Thanane thandaa naane thanaa naane thanne naaaa

(Dr.Burn, Yogi B & MC Jesz talking in Malay)
MC Jesz: Seriyana loosu polae
(talking in malay)
Ippo pooruvon, poorae poorae poorae

Yogi B:
Dance for me, tamila dance for me
Tharikidathom dance for me
I'm gonna make more
Taking it down
Kutthu (?Kuruvi?) dance for me
All dance floor
Party start
All come dance for me
One more time
Attam poodu

Yogi B:
Yogi Yogi (Go Go Go Go)
Don't stop (Go Go Go Go)
Can't wait (Go Go Go Go)

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Athiri Pudhiri aachu laa
Yen gavanam sedhari poachu laa
Avana pathu adutha nimisham
Ninnu poachu moochu laa

(MC Jesz & Yogi B) Sunidhi Chauhan:
(Ooru) Kekkala
(Seriya) Paakala
Sozhatti potta sozhi pola sozhandu ninnaen laaa

Yogi B:
Phenomenon turn on Phenomenon turn on right
Sing kurivigal now you jump and
Swing when minsara payanna we go
Kaiyya vecha thee parakkum
Volcano fire laa
Tornaado puyalu laa
Unthan mudi sudi maraindha kadhalan evano
Who dat? You back, here we go!

Sunidhi Chauhan:
Thanaane thandaa naane thandaa naane thandaanaa
Thanane thandaa naane thanaa naane thanne naaaa

Are you feelin alrighhhtt?

P. S: I've got many more songs lined up for posting lyrics. Watch this space for more.